The quest for the best damn dram

dram /dram/: a small drink of whiskey or other spirits

In 2018, Phil started Damn Dram as an irreverent and fun way to catalog his whiskey adventures and tastings, and to help him discover what he likes, dislikes and what whiskies he should be trying. After many, many tastings (all in the name of science and progress, of course), Phil decided to share his experiences here, to help save people’s time, money, and livers in the quest for their best dram.

So whether you’re looking to say “that’s a damn good dram”, or trying to avoid thinking “I never want to taste that damn dram again”, we’ve got your back. It’s tough knowing what to try when there are so many choices out there… so, pull up a chair, pour yourself a dram, and welcome to the adventure!